5 Things Every Beginner Artist Must Do!

When starting as an artist, it’s important to practice as much as possible, experiment with a variety of different media and study examples of art.

Fine artists usually don’t need a college degree, but they can always benefit from the experience and opportunities for professional development available in workshops / art institutes etc or even from social media these days.

The road ahead of you is long and tedious. But if you truly want to pursue being an artist, you CAN do it.

Just keep in mind these five tips:

1. Show your work for good exposure

Learn how to present your art. Use social media to the fullest potential if you want to showcase or exhibit your artwork in the virtual platform as it will give you exposure on the social arena.

Bring your work to local galleries. Also remember that it can be tough to exhibit art when you’re first starting out so don’t try and go after big galleries first.

2. Accept criticism

It’s painful because art is ‘torn out’ of your ‘self’. And artists are very sensitive in nature which makes it feel worse. A good policy is to listen to all the criticisms and not to reject any of them, without the slightest reaction.

An artist who does not care about or bother with criticism is isolated from the world. And this is not a good sign. You must pay special attention to them filtering out what is relevant and what is unfounded.

3. Be honest and unique

If you do not do something in your own particular way, no one will take you seriously. Try to self introspect first. Find out what are your capabilities and choose your style.

4. Write your ideas down

Paperwork sucks. But staying on top of it will make your life more easier and save your time in the long run, which means more time to make art.

5. Visit new places

Visit new places in search of new art works / sceneries. And this doesn’t mean only art galleries or museums, that can be even a crowdy market, cause art can be found anywhere.

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