“Father “, One of the greatest titles in the world..

When you think of all the fearless and selfless things he has done for you, it’s hard to hold back those happy tears..

I honour him, my magnificent father : a man whose high expectations for his children are simply that they will be good, kind and happy people, regardless of the academic or career path they choose. A kid with unconditional fatherly love will be a success. It’s the very best thing a father is good for.

I think the cutest thing to do is make him a portrait. Especially when you’re into art. He deserves it more than anybody else. Today the guilt of never making him one has made me do it.

Here I have some tips to make cliché dad portraits more fun!

1. Choose an appropriate outfit for him.

2. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of him? For example : some dads read a lot, some engineer dads (like mine) are always about mathematics. So you might wanna add some related elements to the sketch. Remember to keep it simple.

3. Remind him of a memory (from your childhood maybe). You can create a scene ; minimalist but effective.

4. Use cool nicknames/titles. For example : baldman (if your dad’s turning bald).

5. Instead of making portraits ( because if you feel it’s mainstream), go for other techniques ; stippling, scribbling, etc.

Imagination has no limit. Explore different techniques and mediums. Just go for it!

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