What is your concept of beauty?

What is beauty? How do we decide who is attractive and who is not?

The topic of beauty is studied, analysed and controversial for centuries. The Oxford dictionary defines beauty as “combination of qualities”.

Beauty is not static… It’s a fluidic concept…

In Indian philosophy, the concept of beauty is summed up in three beautiful words:

SATYAM (Truth), SHIVAM (Goodness), SUNDARAM (Beauty)

It gives a wonderful philosophy of life for people of diverse pursuits. Seeking beauty is not wrong, but the priorities should be kept in mind. Beauty shouldn’t take precedence over goodness and goodness shouldn’t take precedence over truth.

What’s my concept of beauty?

My concept of beauty is perhaps best defined as “Balance”. The collage is a visual of the chinese ying yang fishes. The universe never ever wastes energy. The universe is in perfect balance. A classic beautiful face is one that mirrors itself accurately. A beautiful body is one that most perfectly balances life’s combined demands of weight, space, food intake, power, motion and duration.

A beautiful body effects the most efficient design for its needs.

We judge things to be beautiful when we sense they are the most efficient.

A person in balance and harmony with nature, leads to feelings of attraction and emotional well being.

As the old expression says “beauty is in simplicity”, but to combine all that is to say : if and to whatever degree something or someone lifts the human spirit, that is Beauty..

So what’s your concept? Write it down in the comments below 😊

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