You’re so ap-peeling I’m going bananas for you..!

I’ve had strong artistic tendencies since i was a kid, but never invested much in my fine art skills. This technique of creating realistic drawings is something i started to explore after joining a design college. There were major differences in realism between my starting drawings and this example. So, if i can match the level of this example (which will be, of course, subjective; but hopefully an honest judgement), i will consider this challenge a success.

You are going to be applying various levels of darkness to create an illusion of form and depth. Apart from practicing proper shading and blending techniques, a good understanding of lines, planes and contours are crucial for turning a flat line drawing into a realistic one that conveys the illusion of form, bringing your drawing to life.

Here are some tips :

1. Cross hatching

Well, this is my favourite technique. It consists of overlapping lines coming from multiple directions. This technique can be used to convey wrinkled or highly textured surfaces.


This technique is to draw many circles that overlap each other, building tone with each added layer. It’s great for creating realistic skin textures. It requires a lot of patience.

3.Reduce white dots

The more textured the paper, the more white dots you will get across your drawing,making it look very grainy. To avoid that, shade in many layers. Blend it well using a sharp pencil to improve the texture of ypur drawing.

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